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Do you ever wish you could clone yourself and you can’t wait for technology to catch up?

Is there always too much to do and never enough time to do it? Do you need an accountability partner to help keep you on track? That’s where I step in!  

I provide the services that are essential to professional speakers but take attention away from preparing for speaking engagements. Koss Virtual Assistant gets the tedious yet necessary tasks done efficiently and with outstanding quality.

Imagine more time for writing and preparing for speaking events, networking, brainstorming, and living your passion. Not to mention more time to do what you enjoy with the ones you love!

Koss Virtual Assistant takes over tasks you dread doing and gives you the freedom to grow and enjoy your business.  After all, that’s the whole reason you began a professional speaking business in the first place!

My business is one that helps other businesses grow into the business that they have always dreamed of!

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Five reasons why you should use my virtual assistant services to improve your bottom line

You save money by eliminating the expenses related to hiring in-house staff

You save even more money because you only pay for the time that was spent on tasks and not downtime

You save time by getting support from a specialist to complete the non-revenue generating tasks

You have experience and knowledge at your fingertips to support you

You have access to a professional business owner who is committed to helping you grow your speaking business

Not sure you can afford this type of support?

Think of all the events where you can’t be the keynote speaker because you are busy doing tedious tasks that drive you crazy!

Hiring support doesn’t take away from your business.  It gives you time back in your day to grow and expand your business!

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🕰Get more done in less time!                              💰Make more profit with less work! 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Spend more time with your family!

❤Accomplish what your business needs to stay healthy while enjoying the life you love!

“I highly recommend Wendy for her administrative skills and quality results”
Dan Stahl, Owner, Human Resources Group, Inc.

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