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Do you ever wish you could clone yourself but you can’t wait for technology to catch up?

Is there always too much to do but never enough time to do it?

There’s where I step in!  

With my 18+ years of experience with major companies, Koss Virtual Assistant has everything you need to grow your business.

I provide the services that are essential to business, but takes your attention away from growing your customer base. Koss Virtual Assistant gets the tedious, but necessary, tasks done for you both efficiently and with outstanding quality.

Imagine more time for sales calls, networking, brainstorming, creating sales funnels, and living your passion. Not to mention, more time to do what you enjoy with the ones you love!

Koss Virtual Assistant takes over those tasks you dread doing and gives you the freedom to grow and enjoy your business.  After all, that’s the whole reason you began a business in the first place!


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You have worked hard to build a great business.  It has taken many sleepless nights and many stress filled days.

Now that you are succeeding though, there still aren’t enough hours in the day. You know you need help to continue growing. However, you want your business handled with the same love and care that you have poured into it.

It’s hard to let go of control!  

You know how much you had to sacrifice to get where you are and it’s hard to imagine anyone else being as devoted to your business as much as you are.

I understand your concerns.

At Koss Virtual Assistant, I treat every client’s business as if it was my own.

Koss Virtual Assistant is an entrepreneur built business. I have juggled family and work. I have burned the midnight oil to build a successful and prosperous business.

My business is one that helps other businesses grow into the business that they have always dreamed of!

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You save money by eliminating the expenses related to hiring in-house staff

You save even more money because you only pay for time that was spent on tasks and not downtime

You save time by getting support from a specialist to complete the non-revenue generating tasks

You have experience and knowledge at your fingertips to support you

You have access to a professional business owner who is committed to helping you grow your business

Not sure you can afford this type of support?

Think of all the customers you can’t reach while you are busy doing tedious tasks that drive you crazy!

Hiring support doesn’t take away from your business.  It gives you time back in your day to grow and expand your business!

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🕰Get more done in less time!                              💰Make more profit with less work! 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Spend more time with your family!

❤Accomplish what your business needs to stay healthy while enjoying the life you love!

Passionate – Reliable – Knowledgeable
Get world class support and expertise at affordable prices!
Koss Virtual Assistant