5 quick ways to manage your calendar

As a busy professional, your calendar is your lifeline. Here are some quick tips on how to manage your calendar more efficiently.

Block off time for email
Emails are important for any business. You want to make sure you have time in your day to review and answer your emails.

Group similar activities in blocks
If you have a lot of meetings in a certain part of town, schedule those meetings on the same day so you’re not running back and forth to the office.

Set gaps between events
Remember to set a 5 or 10 minute gap between your appointments in case they run over so you don’t leave your next appointment waiting.

Schedule personal time
Make sure you are scheduling time for important personal tasks during the day so you know you will have time to get them done.

Use reminders
Technology is a wonderful thing! Use it to your advantage! Every calendar program has a reminder feature. It’s quick to set up for each appointment and it will help you remember what’s coming up.

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