Hi my name is Wendy, I am so glad you found me! My job is to help you simplify your work so you can be more organized, productive and profitable.

I am a full-time Virtual Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Specialist and I am here to make your business life all it can be by taking small and tedious tasks off your plate so you can concentrate on the more important duties that will move your business forward.

It is important in this line of work to make sure you have all the tools needed to succeed and help your clients. I have a fully modern at-home office that is separate from the rest of the house and I don’t have young kids to distract me during working hours. I think this is important to say because I want my clients to know that I am dedicated to them and the work I have been hired to complete. 

My first priority is always my clients and my goal is to always exceed your expectations. I look forward to working with you soon!


Over the past 18 plus years, I have worked with all manners of companies and clients. Large and small, established or new start-ups, business owners, executives and business professionals, and they have all been very pleased with my work.  

Why is this?

It’s simply that I have a passion for helping people. Add to that I love administrative work, and you can see why I chose this field. Being a virtual assistant and being able to help people while doing the kind of work I love is a perfect fit for both my clients and myself.

So what did I learn over the course of all these years?

I’ll be honest and admit that I am naturally very organized, detailed and hard working. If there is something to be done I want to get it done instead of leaving it sit for another day and I want to do a great job at it. Because of this I’m also naturally good at time management and multitasking. Both of these skills I have used to help multiple former clients with, doing such various tasks as managing emails and various paperwork, updating and maintaining calendars, and helping them with daily or weekly reports.

There are some things that I have learned that didn’t come naturally to me though. And while my natural skills, listed above, got me in the door, things like booking travel, transcribing audio (for a wide number of purposes, everything from meeting notes to blog posts) and learning both the Microsoft Office and Google suites, are what kept me with clients. Learning these skills have also helped me to develop additional skills as well, such as proofreading and editing, creating reports and presentations out of the various Office Suites, and the need for task and team management applications like Meistertask (which I currently use personally), Trello or Asana (both of which I can use as well).

Some skills, like the ones above, I have used for a long time. But because I love this field, I’m always learning new things to keep myself relevant for my clients. Some of these more recent skills include managing and updating WordPress websites and blogs, using Dropbox to store files and helping to organize my client’s Dropbox stores, and going on treasure hunts for valuable information with various internet searches (is there anything you can’t find with Google?).

One of the great things you get when working with me, is that due to my extensive customer service background, I can help to free up your time for more important, and profitable things. I have done both inbound and outbound call management, have done collections for clients (through phone, text and email) all while still being kind and understanding with my client’s customers so that when their account is paid up, they will come back to buy more!

Of course, these led to other skills that I had the chance to learn (did I mention that I love learning?). I learned how to help people with their general accounting, billing and invoicing (please note, I am not an accountant), how to act as a liaison both internally between departments and between non-customer facing departments and the company’s clients, and even doing a small bit of sales in promoting different promotions to a company’s clients. All of this took a lot of soft skills, including empathy, active listening and conflict resolution (adding in a dash of self-control for when the person on the other end of the phone was less than professional themselves).

I’ve done and learned a lot over the years. I’m positive that what I’ve learned will help you immensely and give you incredible value. That being said, I’m not afraid to learn new things either! Like I said above, I love learning and I am always looking for training and classes to increase my knowledge and skills. This stuff is fun for me and after all, life is meant to be an adventure!


Office Assistant Diploma, Madison Area Technical College, 1996

This was a one-year technical diploma that I achieved by completing the following courses:

  • Communications Skills
  • Office Procedures
  • Filing and Records Management
  • Computer Applications
  • Office Management
  • Accounting

Mission Statement: 

Koss Virtual Assistant will provide administrative support services to small business owners and business professionals by providing world-class services and expertise at affordable prices.


Commitment Statement:

I commit to continually learn and grow my skills so I am able to help you in all aspects of your business and to take the burden of the tasks I am qualified to do off your plate, so you can grow your business.


Ready to get started?