What does a Real Estate Assistant do?

Assistants can be life changing for any industry! Including Real Estate!! Most people don’t know about all the tasks that a Real Estate Assistant can help with. I have located the following list of over 120 different tasks an unlicensed Assistant can help a Real Estate Agent with. (REA University, 2018) Click on the image below to…

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Six important ways to value your customers over the phone

PERSONAL INTEREST IN THE CALLER Adding a personal touch to every phone call will show your customer that you care about them and the reason they called you. ESTABLISH AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION Make sure you are showing care and empathy when speaking to your customers. If they are upset about something take the time to…

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Five tips on how to delegate

It is essential to delegate when hiring a Virtual Assistant, these tips will help you be successful. LEARN TO LET GO The first thing you need to do in order to delegate successfully is to learn to let go! If you can’t or won’t pass on tasks to your VA, neither of you will be…

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Six easy ways to clean your email inbox

Our emails are just as important as our calendars! Last week we went over some great tips on how to manage your calendar, now we delve into our email inboxes! MAKE FOLDERS It is important to have folders to put any emails you need to keep for referencing later. I also recommend having a To-Do…

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5 quick ways to manage your calendar

As a busy professional, your calendar is your lifeline. Here are some quick tips on how to manage your calendar more efficiently. Block off time for email Emails are important for any business. You want to make sure you have time in your day to review and answer your emails. Group similar activities in blocks If you have a lot of meetings in a certain part of town, schedule those meetings on the same day so…

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Types of Virtual Assistants & Specialties

Did you know there are different types of VAs and specialties? Here is a list of the different types of virtual assistants and the specialties, with a description for each. General Virtual Assistant These types of virtual assistants do the normal administrative tasks like data entry, email management and typing documents. Personal Virtual Assistant They…

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