How to avoid the following 4 mistakes when working with a virtual assistant

Skipping Training

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced VA will need some training from you. Everyone has different processes and programs, so don’t skip training, it will end up hurting both of you.

Not Communicating

In this line of work communication is vital. Since a VA can’t stop at your desk to ask questions, you have to be able to communicate and be available for questions. Otherwise projects and tasks could be done incorrectly.

Expecting the World

Yes, all VAs are extremely knowledgeable, but if you hired a General VA don’t expect her to be able to be your Accountant as well. Ask your VA what additional skills she has before expecting her to do everything you ask.


Learn to let go! You hired a professional business owner that is committed to help you and your business. Let her do what you hired her for. She will be able to get more done and be happier while doing it.

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