As a busy speaker, you have a lot of tasks that need to be done throughout the day!

Let me come to the rescue and take those tasks off your plate so you can spend more time on growing your business!



🌟 Research new speaking opportunities to grow your business

🌟 Reach out to speaking opportunities via email and phone (includes follow-up)

🌟 Enter business cards and registration cards from prospects into your CRM

🌟 Design surveys, registration cards and handouts for spreading the word about your upcoming engagements to be handed out at events

🌟 Create Word documents as needed for you and your clients

🌟 Prepare spreadsheets and reports as needed for you and your clients

πŸ’« Ship promotional materials to your current and future clients

πŸ’« Send thank you cards, birthday or holiday cards to current clients and prospects to help build your relationship with them

πŸ’« Research the best prices for flights and hotels for all of your speaking opportunities

πŸ’« Generate and send proposals and invoices to prospects and happy clients

πŸ’« Review and complete your contract with new and returning clients

πŸ’« Manage one email inbox a month to make you more efficient

πŸ’« Organize one file system per month and help you get and stay organized

πŸ’« Manage one calendar a month and schedule meetings and engagements

✨ Set-up and management of your CRM from scratch

✨ Set-up and manage email campaigns with newsletters or other materials to stay in touch with fans

✨ Answer phone calls and return messages from current and future clients

✨ Provide customer service and respond to inquiries via phone or email from old and new clients

✨ Call previous clients to re-book and increase your speaking engagements

✨ Follow-up with clients and fans to get feedback and testimonials

✨ Design PowerPoints for better visuals during your presentations

✨ Arrange travel and accommodations so you only have to worry about preparing for events

✨ Coordinate event details with Event Managers per your specifications

✨ Manage holds and work with Speakers Bureaus to help keep you as busy as possible

✨ Post content to social media to help spread the word about you and help build your business

✨ Maintain and update WordPress and Blogs to keep your raving fans up to date


Ready to get started?