Types of Virtual Assistants & Specialties

Did you know there are different types of VAs and specialties? Here is a list of the different types of virtual assistants and the specialties, with a description for each.

General Virtual Assistant

These types of virtual assistants do the normal administrative tasks like data entry, email management and typing documents.

Personal Virtual Assistant

They have the same skills as a general virtual assistant, but they help individuals with personal tasks like household management, phone support, booking travel and setting up itineraries.

Technical Virtual Assistant

These assistants have gained a little more knowledge and experience with more technical tasks like building sales pages and creating email campaigns.

Here is a list of some specialties, a lot of virtual assistants have some or all of these skills as well.

Online Business Manager

They run the business much like a COO, managing teams and projects virtually.

Project Manager

They manage teams and projects but report to the Online Business Manager.

Web Designer

They design and manage websites.

Social Media Manager

They specialize in only social media, posting content, creating ads, growing fan base and sparking engagement.

Content Writers

They write articles and blog posts.


They specialize in sales pages and website sales copy.

Accounting Manager

They have an accounting degree or knowledge of accounting practices.

Real Estate Coordinator

They work for the buying or selling agents, they get listing info, coordinate inspections and appraisals.

I hope this article has clarified any questions you had on identifying the different types of Virtual Assistants. Please reach out to me personally at wendy@kossvirtualassistant.com if you have any questions.

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