Virtual Assistance Package

The following 7 services are included in this package – $1,000.00 per month, unlimited hours included!

Basic bookkeeping and invoicing
Is your desk and inbox stuffed with invoices that need to be entered into your bookkeeping software? Do you never have a minute in the day to prepare and send out invoices? I am proficient in taking invoices and entering them into a bookkeeping program like QuickBooks and since I send my own clients invoices each month, I can quickly and easily send yours out too.

Booking hotels and flights
As a busy professional you have meetings and conferences and appointments that need your personal attention, but you don’t have the time to research all the airline prices or finding a great hotel that is close to where you will be. I can help take this tedious task and make sure your budget is kept and you don’t have to worry about missing your meeting or appointment.

Calendar management and scheduling
Is your calendar a mess? Are you always forgetting about an appointment or double booking yourself? Let me manage your calendar and make sure your appointments and meetings are scheduled and manageable for you. I will gladly manage one calendar per month and make sure all your meetings and appointments are scheduled.

Creating and managing reports, forms, newsletters, documents & correspondence
The lifeblood of any good business are the reports and documents that are needed to make sure the business is running efficiently, and clients are getting the attention they need. If you need a beautiful, yet functional, spreadsheet to include in a client proposal or you need a stunning document for a shareholder, I can take those tasks off your to-do pile and make sure they are completed fast and professionally.

Data entry into spreadsheets, databases and CRM systems
In every business there is always something that needs to be entered into a spreadsheet or a document completed with relevant information or leads entered into your CRM, but who has time for that? Me! To make sure your business continues to run smoothly I can do these tiresome, but needed tasks for you.

Email management
On average, a business owner can get hundreds of emails a week! Are you afraid that you might miss some important emails or lose a follow-up email? Now you don’t have to worry! I will manage one email inbox Monday-Friday to make sure everything remains organized and is being responded to in a timely manner.

File management
Is your computer a mess of files and documents that you can never find? I can use your favorite file storage program, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or OneDrive. I will manage one file storage program Monday-Friday to make sure that you can always quickly find what you are looking for and make sure everything stays organized and easy to find!

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