Virtual Customer Service Package

The following 4 services are included in this package – $600.00 per month, unlimited hours included!

Collecting past due balances
No one likes to hound customers about payments, but it is a very necessary part of a business. If you hate to make these calls – let me! I have been in the credit and collections field for my entire career and I am very comfortable reaching out to past due customers with a friendly reminder that services/products need to be paid for, all the while making sure they remain happy and loyal customers/clients.

Inbound and outbound calls
Is your phone always ringing off the hook? Do you have to stop what you are doing to answer the phone to find out that it was just a pesky telemarketer? I can take those phone call for you and bring the relevant ones to your attention, making your business run smoother.

Responding to customer inquiries
All great companies start with providing great customer service and responding to customers inquires is a vital part of that. With my extensive customer service background, I love answering customers questions and helping with any issues they have. I am skilled at responding via phone or email. A happy customer is a repeat customer and I make sure with every interaction that the customer knows that you care about their questions or issues and that they will be handled promptly and efficiently.

Taking orders and follow-up
Do you have a product or service to sell to customers? Well then you need someone (besides you) taking those orders and following up with the customers to make sure they are happy with their purchase. I am not a sales rep but I do have experience making sure customer’s orders are taken and the always forgotten follow-up is done to provide that extra bit of customer love that will bring repeat customers.

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